The Tricromia gallery also becomes an art publisher

Together with the artists, in 2000, he decided to “fix” the beauty of those drawings in a publication. Which means an art book, of course, but also a box, papers, notebooks, even a theater. A real editorial series dedicated to major international artists is born. The adventure with Lorenzo Mattotti moves to the pages of a book, “The ghost in the room”, which will be followed by “The room”, “At the end of the night” and “Notes on the landscape”. The first marked with Tricromia, signed “t”, is “The art of necessity”, a wonderful book by Munoz.

La Cosa Rossa di Manù Fiori

“A precious notebook, an evocative project that unfolds in a silent and delicate story and lets us glimpse the author’s dreams and obsessions revealed in the pages”

A notebook created for Tricromia that follows the idea of ​​the visual diary with which the project came to life. It is an intimate notebook in which page tears are not allowed, but only “errors” that open the way to new visual solutions.

The notebook is made in the particular 14.5 x 18 cm format with spiral binding; the black cover wraps the 80 pages of Fabriano paper, on which 58 images are printed in duotone.

The cost of the book / notebook is € 18.50

“Alice still lives here” is the new editorial adventure of Tricromia: a volume created to celebrate the thirtieth year of activity. The protagonists of the anniversary book are two exceptional young illustrators who have created unpublished tables specifically for this project, giving their own reading of the Lewis Carroll novel: Ahmed Ben Nessib and Samuele Canestrari. A text by Ascanio Celestini enriches the book.

Made in the particular 29 × 29 cm leporello format with double cover, “ Alice still lives here” presents ten drawings for each of the two authors: two parallel stories that can be read in as many different directions.Two pencils that in the original project should have met on the same page to tell a single story, but the distance imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic prevented this. What initially seemed like a limit has become new creative lymph, an interesting possibility to imagine and implement a project with two voices that run parallel on the pages of the same book. The distance is canceled and becomes union: it is filled by the continuity of the paper that winds from one cover to another.