The Gallery

Sheets and colors. One would say only paper … yet a music, a world.

The Tricromia Art Gallery passion for paper and colors is thirty years old. The best artists and designers have written on its walls. , each bringing their own breaths and their own harmony. Altan, Mattotti, Toppi, Mannelli, Bucchi, Pericoli, De Loustal, Igort, Luzzati, Matticchio, Gipi, Toccafondo, Ricci …

For the thirtieth anniversary Tricromia Illustrator’s Gallery publishes the book “ALICE STAYS HERE AGAIN” illustrated by


A text by ASCANIO CELESTINI embellishes the volume

“Alice still lives here. It’s a title made of words. For me Alice is Giuseppina. Living is what she has been doing for thirty years trying to find a place for her and her artists. Professional people of dreams and drawings like Ahmed and Samuele. Ancora is an adverb. It indicates that an action or fact is not concluded, but continues, it continues in the present. It is written in the dictionary. Here is utopia. ”

Founded in 1990, for thirty years it has been promoting illustrators and cartoonists with passion and a playful spirit. She has never been satisfied with the evanescence of an exhibition, always “for a fixed period”, implementing constant care in immortalizing the movement of the images that rest on the white walls of the gallery and then take other directions, fly elsewhere. Artists such as Mattotti, Muñoz, Toppi, Pericoli, Altan, Mannelli, Ricci, and many emerging young people, were discovered and presented by Giuseppina Frassino who in the gallery, whose historic headquarters was for years in Via di Panico first and then in Via della Barchetta, has imbued the Roman artistic life with events and exhibitions dedicated to the world of illustration. In recent years, Tricromia has made a further investment in favor of artists, becoming an art editor. Together with the authors he decided to “fix” the beauty of their drawings in publications, mainly books, but also precious boxes, papers and author’s notebooks and even a theater. The first graphic project of the Tricromia books was by Stefano Ricci, now the design is entrusted to Sara Verdone who takes care of the whole graphic image of the gallery.

A real editorial series is born, dedicated to the major international artists.

The union begins with an exhibition by Chiara Rapaccini and the book “Things to Look Things to Read”. A series of “exhibition” publications will follow. The adventure with Lorenzo Mattotti , an artist very present at Tricromia, moves to the pages of a book, “The ghost in the room”, which will be followed by “La Stanza”, “Al Finire della Notte” and “Notes on the Landscape”.

The first marked with Trichrome, signed “t”, is “The Art of Necessity”, a wonderful book by Muñoz . Of the many to remember, “Through the City” by Jacques De Loustal , “Sketchbook” by Stefano Ricci , “The Unknown Detail” by Franco Matticchio , “A lost day”, pop book by Tommaso Cascella, “Quaderno da Notte” and “A. Speaking Just of Body ”by Riccardo Mannelli, up to Fellini’s book of unpublished drawings.

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