Author and designer of the Fenice character, protagonist of the homonymous comic. His works, made with different techniques, represent contemporaryity with its simultaneous times and speed. In his paintings we find urban landscapes of futuristic cities. His works are on permanent exhibition at the Angoulême Museum and Gare de Lyon Hall 2.

Twenty-five thousand and fifteen thousand kilometers separate a graffiti at the Roman township, and the canvases displayed at Galerie Glénat and Napoléon, or at Gare de Lyon in Paris. In the middle, a glimpse of the nightclubs to the General Markets of Via Ostiense and the void of a lost mother, the anorexia of the future in a periphery left to itself and the persistence of a dream: the pencil. “Art saved me. If I stayed there where I would have had the fate marked. But I wanted to draw, affirm, fight, despite the difficulties. ” Virginio Vona, class 1969, emigrated to France at the beginning of two thousand, for the first time returns to the country “as an artist”. Sixteen years after the departure, the invitation to “The Enchanted City”, the meeting of the designers at Civita di Bagnoregio, is finally the recognition in the backyard of an ancient passion, suddenly reminiscent of a night under the French sky after a long period of apnea.

Virginio Vona, from the Tufello in Paris ‘saved’ by art: “France gave me a chance, a wall with a few stairs. In Italy it was flat”