the artist investigates extremely topical issues such as technological progress, economic issues and changes in the medical field through the use of symbolic language and writing.

Roberto Perini, satirical and great aquarelle designer, was born in Rome in 1950.

Since 1990 he has moved to Cuba as a Heartwarmer.

Perini was among the founders of “Il Male”, “Il Clandestino” and “Boxer”. Editor of “Tango” and “Heart”, designed for “The Unity”, “The Republic”, “The Espresso”, “Alter”.

He also edits all the cover pages of Daniel Pennac’s novels for the Feltrinelli editions, as a set designer he worked with Federico Fellini (Rome) and Carmelo Bene (Salomè)


Signs, hieroglyphs, ideograms, histograms, symbols and figures are always the most creative form of communication man has developed to set and describe the society in which he lives, his dynamics and hierarchies. Unlike alphabetical scripts, the symbolic ones communicate in a more direct and imaginative way, describing the contexts in which they are produced in synthetic form and at the same time leaving room for imagination.