The Way of Water some tables introduce the reader into the lyrical and dreamlike world of Negrin. A great metaphor about fate, the story of images of a journey: a journey towards life and a return to their own origins. Between imagination and irony flows the sea that is here female, like freedom.

Fabian Negrin was born in Argentina, Córdoba, in 1963. He studied graphics and engraving in Mexico City. He moved to Milan in 1989.

Moved to Milan in 1989, his illustrations appear on numerous newspapers and magazines including “Corriere della Sera”, “Manifesto”, “Panorama”, “Marie Claire”, “Grazia” and “Linea d’Ombra”. He also takes pictures of some advertising campaigns for the Ferrovie, the City of Rome (Metrebus among others) and Wagon Lits France. He moves between Milan and London in 1995, collaborating with “The Independent”, “Tatler”, “GQ”, “Walter & Thompson” and Radio Times (BBC). Also in 1995 he won the Unicef ​​prize at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair with the tables “In bocca al lupo”. In 1999, 2001 and 2003 he was selected at the Bratislava Biennale of Illustration, and in 2009 with the books “Mille giorni e una notte” and “L’amore t’attende”, he gets the Bib Plaque. In 2000 he won the Andersen – Il Mondo dell’Infanzia as Best Illustrator and in 2005 the “Lo Straniero” Prize awarded by the magazine directed by Goffredo Fofi. Since 2001, after “Il gigante Gambipiombo” edited by Orecchio Acerbo, he has published many books of which he is also author of the text. He is currently working as an illustrator in both Italy and abroad, mainly in the field of children’s publishing, and, along with Orecchio Acerbo graphic studio, draws posters and brochures. Among his many books, as a single author or illustrator, we remember: “Lerolero e altre storie” (Mondadori, 2002); “La servetta” by Donatella Ziliotto (Panini, 2007); “L’incredibile storia di Sundjata imperatore mandingo” by Donatella Ziliotto (Beisler, 2008); “Campioni del mondo” and “Guarda come dondolo” (Gallucci, 2008), “Anna la vilaine” (Editions du Rouergue, 2008), “Mi porti al parco?” (Castoro, 2009), “Il cavolo, la pecora e il lupo” (Fatatrac, 2009); “La vita intorno” (Salani, 2009), “The Riverbank” by Charles Darwin (The Creative Company, 2009) winner of the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2010, “Chiamatemi Sandokan” (Salani, 2011), “Bestie” (Gallucci, 2012) . In the Orecchio Acerbo catalog: William Shakespeare (2016), “Pulci nell’orecchio” (2017), “The Storm” by William Shakespeare (2016), “Come? Cosa?” (2010), “La lingua in fiamme” (2014), “L’ombra e il bagliore” by Jack London (2010), winner of the prestigious CJ Picture Book 2011, “Favole al telefonino” (2010), “L’amore t’attende” (2009), “Mille giorni e una notte” (2008),  “Una rapina da 4 soldi” (2007), “Capitan omicidio” by Charles Dickens (2006), “Occhiopin” (2006), “Fumo negli occhi” (2005), “L’ombra e altri racconti” by H. C. Andersen (2004), “Topissimamente tuo” by Francesca Lazzarato (2004), “Il mondo invisibile e altri racconti” (2004), “In bocca al lupo” (2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009), “Molto nuvoloso” illustrated by Spider (2002), “Il gigante Gambipiombo” (prima ed. millemillimetri 2001, n.e. 2007).

“Now we should not be surprised that Fabian Negrin, every year, sometimes even more often, gives us a pearl of his extraordinary sensibility” (Andrea Rauch). “Perhaps the best illustrator in Italy and certainly the most inclined to get involved and try new ways.”

Cuentos de Monstruos

classic stories of monsters and other monstrous beings.