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From the G8 drama to dreams: the “rollers” drawn by Bambi Kramer

“Chronotype, images of a floating time” is a dive into the visionary narrative landscape of Bambi Kramer. The young Roman artist draws on paper rolls, which can then be specially cut and “measured”, transformed into pages or paintings. His works, born and developed in the international underground scene, include works of art, posters, books, performances and the Grow project, a new magazine.
The exhibition, hosted by Tricromia in Rome, is curated by Luca Raffaelli, who writes of her: “What Bambi is an interior flow that he does not want to divert, forge, fortify. Luckily. And so are the rolls, real passages of consciousness, intimate scenery, dream confessions. Bambi agreed to break the indivisible in the pages for the collective volume “Anger”, associating his designs with the terrible facts of the G8 in Genoa. In order to be able to recognize that his emotions, the most hidden and intimate, are also the result of the emotions and indignation of the present. “The Artgallery Tricromia is in via Barchetta 13 (Via Giulia), the exhibition lasts until June 6 (Tuesday-Friday h.15-19 and Saturdays h.10-19).

Repubblica.it, 25 maggio 2017