Claudio Bonichi, protagonist of the long season of the New Metaphysical Italian, was one of the most influential interpreters of Italian and international painting of the ’900

Claudio Bonichi is an internationally renowned painter, in that narrow scenery that stars, among others, Lucien Freud. Born in 1943 in Alexandria, he is a son and nephew of art (the famous Scipio of the “Roman school” was his uncle) and father of artist (daughter Benedetta Bonichi).

During his career he has held numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Tricromia presented the exhibition of Claudio Bonichi and edited the book entitled “Renata allo specchio” in 2005. Renata exists. I’m sure. I thought I’d meet her in Cyprus, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Hamburg, Rome, everywhere. If you see her recognize it. Recognize his restless solitude, his fragility, his being elsewhere, the subtle fire that ignites and consumes it. Renata exists? Renata is in the mirror. Renata is the mirror …

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