Luca Raffaelli of this work writes: Bambi Kramer does not stop: you have to stop it. Often an exhibition is a point of arrival, a station, a door to stop looking. In this case it is a projection towards the future.

Eclectic training artist, from the restoration of cultural assets to the degree in clinical psychology, Bambi Kramer was born and works in Rome. His work develops in an extremely complicated procedural mode: from sketching outlines to final editing, all the work follows a path where the unconscious determines the moves, to produce a language and a true narrative. His works, born and developed in the international underground scene, include works of art, posters, books, performances and the design of a magazine. They have been exhibited at international galleries and festivals (Crack of Rome, Poitiers Fanzinothèque, Macarata Ratatà, Bilbolbul Off of Bologna, Novo Doba in Belgrade, Altcom of Malmoe, Carnaval de las Artes in Barranquilla) and CentroCentro Museum of the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid. His works have been published for Einaudi Stile Libero (La rabbia), La Cinquième Couche (Metakatz), Fortepressa (Trude Rabbit, Ragdolls Parade), Le Dernier Cri, La Chienne and others.

Luca Raffaelli of this work writes: “Bambi Kramer does not stop: you have to stop it. Often an exhibition is a point of arrival, a station, a door to stop looking. In this case it is a projection towards the future. Because Bambi Kramer does not stop, it must be stopped. And it can only be done for a moment, just the time of a set-up, because in her everything is still living, transforming, working, following the fluctuating time she wanted as a witness to the subtitle. Since his work began with the design, Bambi realized that he could not force himself. He could only try to understand through the continuous stream of images, an inner flow that, as in a Joyce page, created on the sheet. He could not control, did not want to control, educate or divert, force, force. Luckily. And so the rolls were born, real passages of consciousness, intimate scenarios, dream confessions. Only when it was possible Bambi agreed to break the indivisible on the pages. He did (for the collective volume Anger) associating his designs with the terrible facts of the G8 in Genoa. It was like giving birth, like getting out of herself, in order to recognize (first of all to herself) that her emotions”

The Cronotype personal exhibition addresses the artist’s visionary and narrative landscape, collecting as time modules, chronotyping, fragments the cuts and shards of his production as compared to the continuous roll produced for La rabbia, for the first time on display. This is a work of over ten meters in length from the editing of which has been developed for the collective volume published by Einaudi last year. This is precisely the peculiarity of his artistic project: an unrealistic and super-real imaginary unreal that glimpses a story on a roll of paper and then proceeds to cut off and recompose the protagonists of the figurative tale to rebuild it and finally read it. An operation done without forcing and without measuring mental constructions but following the thread of a flow of consciousness illustrated in china without a trace of preparatory pencil. Also this original roll, like the previous ones, will be offered to cut, centimeter by centimeter, upon request.

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