A Tribute to Eyes
Proposals for a collection
Sheets and colors.
Only paper one would say, and yet a music… a world….
The roman gallery Tricromia, proposes the works of the most representative artists of the private collection born during more than 30 years of activity that has always been carried out with passionate research, focused mainly on drawing and illustration but with an eye on contemporary artists such as Paolo and Andrea Ventura, twins in life and talent.
Paolo Ventura, mainly in the field of photography become one of the most original Italian photographers. He has exhibited in galleries and museums around the world and for the past few years has preferred painting.

Andrea Ventura, an artist from Milan transplanted to New York where his portraits in a short time have captured the attention of critics and the public so much so as to be among the most requested for the covers of the most prestigious American and European magazines.

Tullio Pericoli is one of the leading Italian painters and draughtsmen of our time, exhibiting in numerous Italian and foreign galleries and museums.