Alice abita ancora qui by Samuele Canestrari and Ahmed Ben Nessib


arteTricromia hosts the exhibition Alice still lives here by Ahmed Ben Nessib and Samuele Canestrari, two talented young illustrators. Both have chosen to reread the fairy tale of Alice to masculine, a completely new perspective and absolutely innovative: a disruptive break with gender conventions. The illustrations thus offer an original vision of the story of Alice to which they allude iconographically with metropolitan quotations and poetic illusions, but which they interpret in a completely personal way. arteThe oneiric dimension remains in search of the wonder typical of the novel to which they are inspired, but the roots are always well fixed in the domestic dimension. Those artistic foundations that Tricromia has provided for the illustrators she has been exhibiting and promoting for three decades.

Roberto Catani La Funambola 4