Virginio Vona

The artist, Roman of birth and adoption Parisian, has a common story with many Italian artists who have found fortunes and awards only after moving abroad. The exhibition curator, Luca Raffaelli, writes: “Virginio was one day without anything. But nothing really. Roman of the Tufello, worked in the general store carrying the cassettes. In that area dominated by the gasometer in Rome. How to say, an object of his own. When it is over there is the void. No prospect. Even mom is dead. What remains of me in Rome? Nothing. I have a girlfriend in Paris and one big dream: draw. What do I do? I’m going? I’m going. So? So.

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Virginio Vona

A cross-linked, a landscape full of obstacles and interstices, with which to plan an escape. A disturbing world, but in front of which courageous and shrewd characters accept the challenge. In the midst of this intricate iron and steel, this impressive metropolitan forest, we are, perhaps we are looking for a way to escape amidst such amazement. Or there is a proud character, ready to take up arms against a sea of ​​trouble to go further. Chase the dream. That seems trivial, but it’s all.

Sheets of paper and colours. Just paper one might say… and yet they compose a music, make up a world. Tricromia Gallery’s passion for paper and colours has now been on-going for twenty years. The best artists and illustrators have drawn on its walls, each one bringing their own spirit and harmony. AltanMattottiToppiBucchiPericoliDe Loustal, Igort, LuzzatiMatticchioGipi, Toccafondo, Ricci

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